Legal Compliance Management made simple.

Complius is a cloud based Legal Compliance Management system that allows a company to manage all its legal compliances in an easy and proactive manner. Our proprietary automatic compliance matching algorithm tallies an extensive and up-to-date knowledge base of compliance activities related to Indian Law, with relevant information that is custom configured for each company. We provide enterprise grade compliance solutions to a wide spectrum of companies.

Presenting a shiny new UI loaded with automated features.

Manage It All. Complius has a highly flexible user management system that supports multiple user types, including legal knowledge base administrators, compliance activity managers and compliance activity task owners. Assign and re-assign tasks, upload proof of compliance, download resource material, track activity, plan timelines and schedules - the framework enables it all.

Do More. With Less. Complius comes with a dashboard for each user type that shows the most relevant information at a glance and gives quick access to the most important tasks. An activity tracking system, list and calendar views, robust search and filtering, graphical data, risk analysis, automated report generation and more. All this within a minimal, clutter-free design.

Be On Time. Complius also comes with a sophisticated notification system that sends reminders to compliance task owners and managers at configurable advance intervals. In addition, it also has an escalation mechanism that ensures that overdue tasks are immediately escalated to the relevant compliance authority in the organization.

Stay Updated. Complius users can be secure in knowing that the system will always ensure compliance with the latest laws. The Complius knowledge base is summarized for end users, continuously monitored and maintained up-to-date by a team of legal experts, as quickly as the changes happen in the legal framework.

Integrate. Scale. Complius is designed to be a single as well as multi-tenant system. This means that it can be deployed both by a single company wanting to manage their own legal compliance activities for all their locations, or by a third party legal support services provider looking to provide compliance management services across all their client companies and corresponding locations.

Rest Cloud Secure. The cloud based architecture of the technology provides a zero installation footprint method of deploying the solution anywhere. It also allows for system upgrades in the background, with minimal user impact. Designed for optimum performance, security, scalability and a high overall uptime of the system, Complius ensures maximum protection for organizations to manage sensitive data.

Because your legal team needs to be equipped.

Multiple legislations impact Indian businesses. Failure of corporations to comply with regulations and to manage risks puts companies, its directors, employees, customers, and investors at risk on a daily basis. Impact on penalties can be significant even in case of small non-compliance. Regulatory actions are visible in the public domain and this raises the question of a company's integrity, impacts the business plan and strategy, and can even lead to closure of business.

Need a few more reasons to get Complius?

Centralizes all of your compliance tasks so that everyone at your legal department knows what needs to be done.

Tracks completed tasks and follows up on pending tasks

Backed by an extensive master legal knowledge base that is continuously evolving to stay up-to-date with changes in law.

Makes the pending tasks available for each owner on their respective login pages – No confusion on ownership of compliance activities

Simple interface with dynamic compliance status reporting mechanism.

Helps you manage your team and see who is doing what and when

Automates the communication of compliance activities, with zero dependency on a third party platform.

Helps you save costs on your internal additional IT investments.

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